The Best Guides For Costa Rica Travel

Apr 26 The Hottest Beach side Costa Rica Real Estate

A guidebook is one of those travel accessories that you can’t travel without. Here is where a guidebook becomes important: Costa Rica is a great place to visit, it has tons of stuff to do and lots of places to visit. But being a country with such amount of attractions how do you know what to do, what are the best places to visit where to stay and many more questions all of us travelers get. There are many guidebooks for Costa Rica out there but for me, these are the best:

1. Lonely Planet

This is a great guidebook and very complete too. This guide is broken up into regions and includes a wildlife guide along with a green guide. In it, you will find facts about this wonderful country, including some history and culture. You can also find detailed maps, itineraries and great suggestions on where to stay in Costa Rica, and even where to find the best massage in Tamarindo Beach.

2. Fodor’s

This is a guidebook filled with beautiful pictures of the Costa Rican country. It has a section where you can find information about the different landscapes so you get an idea of which are the places that you would like to visit. There is also a super useful ad complete highlight section where you can find the best things to do in Costa Rica along with colorful maps.

3. Frommer’s.

This guidebook has lots of useful information about this beautiful country, some facts and the most popular places to visit. There is even a section with suggested itineraries. Some other things you will find in it are some suggestions for restaurants, tours, events and best traveling attractions. There is a selection of great luxury and mid-range hotels as well as some eco-lodges and bed and breakfasts. And of course maps.

4. Moon Guide

This is another great and complete guide for Costa Rica. This guide is broken down into many chapters, one for each Costa Rican Region and some with other useful information. First, there is a section where you can find out what the best activities and places in Costa Rica are. It also has is what I consider to be the best resource a traveler could have when traveling to a new country, a phrase book.

5. Rough Guide

Then there is the Rough Guide to Costa Rica is a guide book full of pictures and color. Any guidebook would be complete without maps and this one has plenty. It has a very useful highlight section with beautiful pictures of sunsets, boat rides, and local towns. In it, you will find information about Costa Rican culture, politics and wildlife along with some tips.…

Why investing in Costa Rica Real Estate has been made easier

Nov 29

I have been living in Costa Rica for a long time now. Costa Rica is currently my home. I don’t just invest energy in Costa Rica; I additionally invest a great deal of time in Panama where I especially feel at home too. Costa Rica is not the same as wherever I have ever been and I have gone by around 30 nations around the globe.

Some reasons why YOU ought to put resources into properties in Costa Rica:

There are couples of nations which are friendlier towards nonnative with regards to obtaining a property and working together here.

The easy approach to purchase land is to put the proprietorship under an enlisted Costa Rican organization and basically exchange responsibility for company to the purchaser. At the point when financial specialists come in, you can part up the stocks and reasonably partition the responsibility for land among the supporters.

In Costa Rica you can’t get a considerable measure of things on the off chance that you are not a lawful inhabitant, but rather once you possess a partnership, you will have the capacity to enroll a telephone line and such through that enterprise.

Property assesses in Costa Rica are low

For a $400,000.00 land parcel you pay something like $400.00 a year in charges. Beachfront Costa Rica property is higher assessment savvy. Anything up to 150 meters from the drift line is considered concession land and you actually rent it from the administration. The Costa Rica real estate is still a much better deal assess savvy than you would hope to get in the United States or most nations on the planet.

In Costa Rica you can subdivide arrive effortlessly

There are distinctive laws applying in various territories, however as a rule properties situated at open streets can be subdivided. Purchasing substantial parcels with ease and after that auctioning it off piece by piece for significantly more has demonstrated to make a ton of speculators brisk cash.

Costa Rica has an extremely stable government

Not at all like some Central American nations, are Costa Ricans completely mindful of the common advantage that leaves business associations with European and American organizations. Even if you retire in Costa Rica, there is no dread with respect to having something detracted from you which has been legitimately gained after the Costa Rica property has been cleared as possessed by the vender and exchanged to the purchaser after the legal counselor ensured that no one else has a privilege of full or fractional proprietorship separated from the dealer.

The laws are clear. For whatever length of time that you have a dependable and skilled attorney, future amazement are exceptionally not at all like to come up. visit us now!

Back in the days you could have raked in huge profits rapidly

Despite everything you can. Tourism is enduring. Cash is coming in. Individuals spend their cash in Costa Rica and the individuals who comprehend the norms sightseers from well-to-do countries have a tendency to expect, capitalize on the greater part of the business. A significant number of the individuals who claim land and business are not completely mindful of those things. Anyone with a decent business psyche and understanding regarding what can be given that is not yet being given has an incredible shot of getting to be one of the main strengths inside their specialty.

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Why Costa Rica Real Estate Is So Popular With International Investors

Nov 04

Costa Rica is one the few beautiful countries in Central America to allow foreign investors to buy properties in the county. It has led to a stupendous growth in Costa Rica real estate market. The country has been mentioned as a “success story in Central America” by CIA world fact book, and it earnestly suggests international investors to participate in the real estate growth story of Costa Rica. That is why many of them opted to retire in Costa Rica because of its beautiful places. click here for more information.

The Costa Rican government has also aided the influx of money into the vacation and retirement homes by giving a series of tax breaks and investment incentives to international investors. This has attracted investors from all over the world, particularly the United States and Canada. The real estate in the country is particularly popular among the retiring (or retired) baby boomers in the United States who are looking for a second vacation or retirement home. for further details, visit :


Low cost and high standard of living, low crime rate, stable government, and natural beauty – in the 0.25% of the world’s land mass it has, the country claims the presence of 5% of world’s biodiversity. Close to 25% of the land mass of Costa Rica property is either national parks, or are protected lands. This gives vacationers and people buying second homes a peaceful stay in the Central American country amidst acres and acres of natural, untapped landscape and miles and miles of sea beaches, many among which are still untouched.

The low cost and high standard of living in the country has particularly interested the retiring baby boomers, who know that a life led in luxury will come to an end when the stream of in flowing money will start drying up after retirement. They know affording a good retirement home in the United States will be difficult, so they look towards this country to invest in the country’s luxurious property market.

Another reason for people buying Costa Rica real estate and settling down in the country is the full-blown expat communities in the country, which is growing ever larger, as the time passes. The comfortable life of expats in the country has motivated returning old people as well as nature lovers to invest in the Costa Rica real estate. Some do for a pure investment purpose, whereas a good number of people do so to live amidst nature; experience the colors and vibrancy of life.

The property price in the Central American is on the upward track for more than a decade now. In terms of real estate development, the country is moving from strength to strength, from development to development. This is pushing the prices of Costa Rica homes further up. For the people who want to invest in Costa Rica Real Estate, delaying is not an option. Anytime now, the torrent of foreign investment will get poured in the property market here, making the property out of bound for many smaller investors.

The Internet is by far the easiest way to search for anything you want. Be sure to do good research on the area you would like to invest on.
Don’t pay more than what the fair price is, go and research at a reliable Real Estate Website with a good MLS Search.…

The Hottest Beach side Costa Rica Real Estate

Nov 04 The Hottest Beach side Costa Rica Real Estate

New beach vacation spots receive media attention each year and for 2013, all eyes are on the Central American country of Costa Rica. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, Panama, and Nicaragua, this relatively small country is getting some big attention. For vacationers who love salt water and the feeling of sand between their toes, Costa Rica real estate offers the best of both worlds. click here for further details.

Oceanside Real Estate

On the Pacific Ocean side is Tamarindo, the most accessible and developed tourist town in the Guanacaste region. Visitors enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and horseback riding. Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge is a perfect stop on the way home from the beach. Its 1,000 acres of protected forest include peaceful estuaries and beautiful mangroves. Better check Tamarindo Costa Rica real estate now so that you can enjoy it really cool.

Surfers should visit Playa Avellana, which the locals call “little Hawaii” due to its massive offshore waves. Swells can reach as high as 18 feet and surfers from all over the world travel to the spot, which are just minutes from Tamarindo. Conservationists should not miss the opportunity to see endangered sea turtles nesting at the Ostional Wildlife Refuge and Marino Las Baulas National Park.

The Hottest Beach side Costa Rica Real Estate

Just below Guanacaste is the Nicoya peninsula, which juts out into the Pacific. Here, vacationers enjoy the amazing beaches of Punta Islita, where they can also golf and go horseback riding. Tambor, a small fishing village near the Curu National Wildlife Refuge, has become very popular with foreign retirees. It is located in a volcanic valley and surrounded by hills filled with trees. Playa Tambor features calm surf, perfect for swimming. This will be a good choice if you want to retire in Costa Rica.

Caribbean Real Estate

The Caribbean Sea offers a different experience characterized by laid back villages with unique characteristics. The village of Cahuita is proud of its Afro-Caribbean heritage, offering some of the best cuisine in the country. Just 27 miles south of Puerto Limon, it only recently emerged as a tourist town. Nearby is Playa Negra, a black sand beach that offers good swimming. Just east is Cahuita National Park and its white sand beach. Between these two beaches, is one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the country.

Tortuguero is a small, central Caribbean town accessed by boat or plane, due to its lack of access roads. An abundance of wildlife attractions makes Tortuguero popular with nature lovers. Its national park contains a variety of ecosystems ranging from beaches and canals to marshland and rainforests. Varied wildlife includes a large number of birds, fish, and monkeys. There are so many properties that you can enjoy your life to the fullest and one of them is the Costa Rica Property.

If you are considering investing in Costa Rica real estate, this website should be your first stop. We offer a variety of properties that can meet any budget located throughout Costa Rica. For more information or to contact us directly for information, please click here.…

Purchasing Real Estate In Costa Rica

Nov 04

To say that the Costa Rica Real Estate is booming is an understatement in a country where land value appreciation is increasing an average of over 10 percent each year. If you are interested in finding a great investment in real estate, then you should seriously consider finding it in beautiful Costa Rica. click here to find more.

Another real estate opportunity in Costa Rica comes in the form of luxury rentals. These are high-level residential communities which are equipped with security and classy amenities, all inside the gated communities. They can either choose from city, beach, marina or golf type developments. Golf residences are actually one of the most desirable lifestyle properties in the country. If there is a specific lifestyle that you are inclined into, then make sure that you advise your requirements to your agent.

Since beaches or ‘playas’, as what they are called in Spanish, are one of the main prides of country, they are also the location most in demand by buyers. Beach front properties are exclusive properties assessed to be ideal for house construction or probably commercial development. You can either choose from Pacific or Caribbean options. There are also condos for sale in Costa Rica that you can enjoy. for related information, click on  :


If you love the beach, but are looking for a more budget friendly type of real estate in Costa Rica, then there are ocean view properties which will allow you to gaze into the clear blue waters of the Central Pacific (e.g. Osa Peninsula and Dominical), Pacific coast (Guanacaste, Papagayo, Tamarindo) and Mid Pacific waters (Los Sueños,Jaco, and Faro Escondido).

A private citizen can do research on most of the prime real estate in Costa Rica. A computer data base called the Folio Real lists the property details and descriptions. Access comes from governments Public Registry located in the capital of San Jose. If you are serious about making an investment into a piece of property it would be very wise to spend time searching in the Folio Real. Some other people are planning to retire in Costa Rica.

One important thing to consider when you are planning to buy a land in Costa Rica is that you should inquire with the developer or property agent whether they are offering ownership rights (or what they call ‘derecho de propiedad’) or only occupation rights/’derechos de ocupacion’. Obviously the former is a more secure form of real estate investment.

Acquiring real estate, your dream house or Costa Rica property may be a great idea. However, you should do a good of researching the property well before making an offer to purchase. If is critical to find a trust worthy and qualified real estate agent to provide the needed assistance.